• 9th International Congress of Veterinary Virology
  • From 04-09-2012 to 07-09-2012

  • It is our pleasure to invite you to Spain to participate at the 9th International Congress of Veterinary Virology, to be held on the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the Complutense University in Madrid between 4th and 7th September 2012. that the 9th ESSVV International Congress During the 8th International Congress of the European Society for Veterinary Virology (ESVV) in September 2009 our Veterinary Faculty was selected to organize the 9th Congress of the Society. This Congress will be held in September 4th,5th,6th and 7th, 2012.
    Some of the main topics to be covered at this edition will be: Emerging viruses; Viral Zoonoses; Epidemiology, risk assessment and modelling; Enzootic viral infectious; Vaccines, antivirals and viral immunology; Viral diagnosis; Clinical virology; Evolution and genomics; Host‐virus interactions.

    The novelty of this edition is the union for a day with the international conference celebrating by the European Society for Clinical Virology (ESCV). Registration fee (including buffet lunch and social events)

    Deadline for fellowship application and abstract submission: 15th April 2012

    Sándor Belák
    (ESVV president)

    José Manuel Sánchez‐Vizcaíno
    (Local organizer)
    Email: jmvizcaino@visavet.ucm.es

    During the meeting (and in particular the general assembly) the ESVV members will have to choose the location of the 2015 meeting.
    If you are candidate to organize the 2015 meeting, could you send a letter to the President (Prof Sandor Belak) or Dr Thierry Van den Berg or Dr Zientara, in which you declare your interest.

    During the general assembly, you will be asked to give a presentation.
    The assembly will then vote for choosing the next destination!

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    Good luck!!

  • Address : Faculty of Veterinary Science of the Complutense University in Madrid, SPAIN
  • Contact : José Manuel Sánchez‐Vizcaíno (Local organizer)
  • E-Mail : jmvizcaino@visavet.ucm.es
  • Link : http://esvv2012.com
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