History of ESVV

ESVV General Meetings
  • The Society’s first Congress was in Liège (Belgium) in April 1989, proceedings published in 1990 as “Advances in Veterinary Virology” in Vet Microbiol, Vol.23.
  • The next one was in Uppsala, 1991, published in 1992 as “Advances in Veterinary Virology 2” in Vet Microbiol, Vol.33
  • Third was Interlaken, 1994, published 1995 as “Immunobiology of Viral Infections” by Fondation Marcel Mérieux
  • Next was Edinburgh, 1997, published in house as “Virus Survival and Vaccination”.
  • The Vth in Brecia in 2000
  • The VIth th St Malo, 2003
  • The 7th in Lisbon in 2006
  • The 8th in Budapest in 2009
  • The 9th in Madrid in 2012, as "one world, one Health, one Virology", published in Veterinary Microbiology in 2013, vol 165
  • The X th in Montpellier in 2015 as "Changing viruses in a changing world".
Specialized Meetings
  • Dec 1989 Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease, Lyon: brief technical summary available (6 pages)
  • Congress Poster abstracts from Liège 1989: booklet available
  • June 1990 Ruminant Pestivirus Infections, Hannover: abstract booklet available. Full proceedings published as Archives of Virology, Suppl.3, in 1991.
  • Oct 1992 2nd Symposium on Pestiviruses, Merieux Conference Centre, Veyrier-du-Lac. Full proceedings published by Fondation Marcel Mérieux in 1993.
  • Aug 1993 Symposium on Aujeszky’s disease virus, Budapest. Abstract booklet available. Full proceedings published as Acta Veterinaria Hungarica, Vol.42(2-3), pp.147-418, in 1994.
  • May 1994 Symposium on Porcine Picornavirus infections, Greifswald. Proceedings available, published in-house.
  • June 1994 Symposium on Morbillivirus infections, Hannover. Full proceedings published as Vet Microbiol, Vol.44(2-4) pp.113-382.
  • Aug 1995 Symposium on IBR and other ruminant herpesvirus infections, Liège. Abstract booklet available. Full proceedings published as Vet Microbiol, Vol.53(1-2) pp.1-212 in 1996.
  • Sept 1996 3rd Symposium on Pestivirus infections, Lelystad. Full proceedings published by VLA Weybridge on behalf of ESVV, 1997
Various Pictures that remember ESVV history years after years ...