Call for candidates for the ESVV board
Wim H. M. Van der Poel

During the ESVV conference 31 Aug -3 September 2015 in Montpellier in the ESVV general assembly we will also have to elect a new board. In the present board there are two members who are at the end of their second term of three years: José Manuel Sanchez-Vizcaino and Wim van der Poel. A third member, Emiliana Brocchi has informed the board that she would like to make her position available for a younger board member. The remaining three members, Hans Nauwynck, Thomas Mettenleiter and Emmanuel Albina will be available for a second term. This means that in the ESVV board there will be vacancies for 3 new members. Herewith we call upon all ESVV members to bring forward potential candidates for the ESVV board. All scientists who have been active in the field of veterinary virology for several years are invited to be a candidate for the ESVV-board. We especially welcome active young veterinary virologists and veterinary virologists from Eastern European countries to volunteer in order to have a good representation of the ESVV members in the new ESVV board. ESVV board members are elected for a three year term and the new members themselves divide the tasks in the newly elected board.

Prior to the ESVV meeting, 31 Aug – 3 Sept in Montpellier, candidates will be asked to provide a short CV and a photograph. Using that we can make a short introduction of the candidates to all voting members of the society on the ESVV website.

Wim van der Poel
ESVV secretary