In memoriam, Marian Horzinek, July 2016
Emmanuel Albina

On 28 Jul 2016, Marian Horzinek, passed away. He was in his 80th year of life.

Marian was an outstanding scientist in the field of veterinary virology with more than 300 scientific papers. After first researches on arboviruses, his main interest has become “coronavirology”.

For his work, he received many international distinctions and was invited to give innumerable talks all around the world. He also occupied different high positions in renowned institutes:

    -Head of the Exotic Virus Diseases Division at the Federal Research Institute for Animal Virus Diseases in Tübingen

    -Head of Department and Professor of Virology and Virus Diseases at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University

    -Director of Utrecht University's Institute of Veterinary Research

    -Director of the Graduate School of Animal Health, Utrecht

Beyond his major scientific and leadership achievements, he was also remarkable for his human kindness, his friendship and his amazing “bow ties” repertoire.

He was an early member and unwavering defender of our European veterinary virology society.

Many of us knew him through collaborative projects. He will be missed by all of us.

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